Our Team

David Nourafshan

David first started working in his family business of selling fine rugs when he was just thirteen years old. He studied the art of rugs and textiles under the tutelage of Cathryn Cootner, the former Textile Curator at the de Young Museum in San Francisco before relocating to Los Angeles to partner with Lawrence Roseman in Lawrence of La Brea. David bought the business in 1990 and is the now primary buyer and curator. His well-trained eye enables him to find the most unique rugs in the world that have the best characteristics, patina and materials. David is proud that his expertise allows Lawrence of La Brea to serve as a designer’s partner in fulfilling their decorating visions for their clientele.

Caroline Nourafshan

Caroline was a pre-law major with plans to become an attorney after studying political science in college when she met David, fell in love and got married. She joined Lawrence of La Brea after all three of their children started school and now works in accounting and finance. One of Caroline’s biggest pleasures in working at the company (besides seeing her husband more often), is to see the joy that their clients experience when they find the perfect rug for their home.

Armen Antonyan

When he was just eighteen years old, Armen followed in his family’s footsteps and started working at Lawrence of La Brea. He began in the repairs department learning rug repair from his aunt. Armen eventually worked in every aspect of the rug business from office administration to delivery to sales, and is now the Sales and Store Manager. He now has been at the company for almost two decades and in addition to his management duties, Armen is also involved in designing new products such as ottomans, pillows and other accessories.

Alma Semlani

A talented multi-tasker, Alma oversees custom orders and assists with sales and customer service. She started working at the company in 1995 in the repair department after studying the craft of textile weaving and knitting in Guatemala City. After six months in repairs, Alma started helping in the sales department and from there, her duties expanded. She attributes her current expertise completely to on the job training. In addition to antique rug sales, Alma also manages every phase for the company’s custom order rugs that are made overseas.

Victor Delgado

Victor is the Supervisor of Sales and is in charge of all customer service. Originally from Nicaragua, Victor has a background in graphic design and printing. He also worked in set decorating for the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer before joining Lawrence of La Brea. Victor credits his extensive knowledge about fine rugs and textiles to on the job training. In addition to his sales duties, Victor oversees new design creations and represents the company at industry trade shows.

Evelyn Cruz

A one woman show, Evelyn is in charge of all the accounting at Lawrence of La Brea and has been with the company for over a decade. She received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration Degree, Major in Accounting at the University of the East in the Philippines where she began her career in telecommunications. A devoted wife and mother of three children, one of Evelyn’s favorite things about her job is being constantly surrounded by beautiful rugs!